Why do clocks slow down over a long period of time?

Why do clocks slow down over a long period of time?

In addition to being seriously affected by the magnetic field, the mechanical clock will slow down after a long time of use. The reason for the slowdown is that the lubricating oil of the movement becomes more and more viscous over time. In addition, the dust inside the movement mixes with the lubricating oil to form the so-called “slime”. Therefore, the role of lubrication is reduced, the surface will naturally slow down.

Solution: we need to go to a professional maintenance organization or a qualified maintenance division there to wash the oil. However, wash oil this matter that generally watch consumers themselves can not do.

The movement of oil washing is a more complicated work, in short, the movement parts are all separated, the mud cleaning and then point on the new lubricating oil, a disassembly and assembly can not cause any scratches to the movement parts, and the movement function and accuracy can not be affected by any.

Every four to five years, the watch movement should be a wash oil maintenance, which is the key to ensure that the watch can be used for a long time. Maintenance of the cost of the watch, in the purchase of the table should be taken into account. In general, the more expensive watch its maintenance costs are more expensive. Rolex maintenance is about 3000-5000 yuan. Patek Philippe basic table maintenance costs are generally close to ten thousand yuan. And then Wishdoit brand watches will be guaranteed to you within a certain period of time after you purchase them. You will be satisfied with the quality of our services and products. For details, please click here.https://wishdoitwatches.com/

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